Ethanol Summit 2009

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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The production and use of sugarcane ethanol is an important tool to fight global warming. The emission of around 45 million tons of CO2 equivalent have been avoided thanks to the use of ethanol in flex fuel cars since their introduction in the Brazilian market in 2003. It would be necessary to plant 144 million trees to obtain the same reduction. The emissions of the Ethanol Summit 2009 will be compensated. As a consequence, the event has received a certificate from SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation and Totum Institute. In addition, several steps have been taken to promote the event´s sustainability, such as: •Special parking spaces were reserved for low emission vehicles running on ethanol or natural gas; •Responsible management of residues and waste recycling; •Use of Greenseal certified cleaning products; •Reuse of materiasl utilized during the event; •The event´s promotional materials have been printed in recycled paper. Such efforts illustrate and emphasize the Brazilian sugarcane industry’s commitment with environmental responsibility and climate change mitigation.

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